Our Service at Project Volunteer Nepal

Our Service is outstanding because we care!

Project Volunteer Nepal (PVN) is more than just a simple volunteering organisation. We are a non-profit organisation, focusing on providing social responsible volunteering projects that will truly make a difference. Our service also includes food and accommodation for our volunteers and for travellers as well, who decide to stay at out place.

Our service for more responsible volunteers

Volunteers "constructing" a shower - went totally wrong...
Volunteers “constructing” a shower – Of course, it went totally wrong…

Scientific research has shown that volunteering combined with travel experiences, as in commercial voluntourism, do more harm than good. They have also shown that local communities in developing countries do not benefit as much as commercial volunteering organisations are claiming they would. On the one hand it is due to the financial motive of those unethical organisations. On the other hand it is due to the lack of knowledge and the overestimation of the volunteer’s own capabilities.

Check out The Danger of Voluntourism and Who We Do Not Want To Be for further information.

The service that we offer includes a proper preparation and guidance before you have even started your volunteering project. We want you to be well prepared within an unfamiliar environment. One major point of criticism about commercial voluntourism is that volunteers are mostly too young, too inexperienced, too unqualified, too less educated and too less culturally prepared for working in a developing country like Nepal.

We will try to avoid this problem by providing Free Orientation. You will learn about the socio-economic situation of Nepal and how daily life will be for you in Kathmandu. We will give you support in Cultural Understanding of Nepalese customs and traditions. And most importantly we will give you insight into the problems of Commercial Voluntourism. Thus, you will understand why Responsible Volunteering is so eminent to us.

All information will always be available on our website! You can already make a difference by informing yourself, instead of trusting those huge international Commercial Voluntourism Companies.

Our service to make you feel home in Nepal

We offer accommodation to our volunteers and also to travelers. Unlike most of the accommodation that you will find on the internet, we are not located at the tourist hotspots. Therefore, giving you the opportunity to encounter and get to know the real, authentic Nepalese everyday life.

If you stay with us, you will benefit in different ways. We are a small hostel Amidst Kathmandu’s Everyday Life. Its location is still very central for you being able to easily explore Kathmandu Valley. We would like you to regard our hostel not only as an accommodation but as your home during your stay.

Great Nepali food will be served every day!
We serve great Nepali food every day!

Our service includes breakfast and dinner, clean drinking water, tea and free WiFi. We will have breakfast and dinner together. Dinner will be traditional Nepali food, freshly prepared. There is a strong community feeling at the hostel. Everyone is very helpful and nice to each other. Our staff is also staying over there, supporting you in any matter. We are there for you whenever you need us. We answer you open questions and we help you prepare and organise your travel plans. Rajeev is a guide for Kathmandu Valley, so he can give you loads of interesting cultural information.
Check out Our Accommodation for detailed information about our hostel.

Interested in staying at our place?
Check out the Costs Per Night and Our Tips And Tricks for a convenient stay.

If you have any other questions, please feel free to Contact Us.