Costs for staying at our accommodation

Price per night at our accommodation

The costs for staying at our homestay varies depending on the length of your stay. Nevertheless, the service that we offer will remain the same. The prices always include two meals (breakfast and dinner) and your accommodation. Extra services like drinkinin water, WiFi or ot water are free.

If you have already stayed with us in the past and you decide to stay with us again, you will receive a “returner”-discount.

The service we offer at our homestay

We can pick you up from the airport at any time and bring you back to the hostel if you wish for it.

Depending on the amount of guests at our hostel, you might have to share a room. Each room is equipped with two single beds, a shelf and a bedside cabinet. You also have to share the bathroom. The kitchen, the community/dining room and the roof is for everyone accessible. Check out Our Accommodation for a more detailed description of our home.

Great Nepali food will be served every day!
Great Nepali food will be served every day!

You will get breakfast and dinner at our hostel. The food will be very traditional. Dinner will be most of the time a delicious variation of the Nepalese national food “Dal Bhat” (lentil soup with rice) with vegetables. The food will be mostly vegetarian, though eggs and meat will sometimes be served as well. If you are a vegetarian or vegan, please let us know beforehand. In case of allergies, do not hestitate to talk to us. Breakfast is sometimes traditional, sometimes western. Hot tea will be served during breakfast and dinner, but can also easily be prepared when you are at home in the afternoon.

Drinking water is always available in the kitchen. We have a water dispenser in the kitchen offering you fresh and clean drinking water. Before leaving the hostel, you can always fill up your drinking bottle with water.

You have access to the internet at our hostel. Free WiFi is provided to you and the other guests.

We also offer some free extra services that might facilitate your stay, especially if you are planning to stay in Nepal for a longer period of time. We offer you a Free Orientation Course, Free Cultural Understanding Course, Free Basic Nepali Language Lessons, and we also help you organising and planning your travels through Nepal.

Our costs and price structure

The prices stated in the list below are prices per person, no matter if you are sharing a room with another guest or not. All prices include the two meals per day that we offer.

Usually, we do have two types of guests staying with us. Travelers who only stay a short period of time, and volunteers who tend to stay a longer period of time. If you are a long-term volunteer your price per night will drop significantly without losing any priviliges to the service we offer.

For volunteers who would like to stay and work for even longer than 3 months, we can offer you a special price as well. Just contact us for that please.

In the table below, you will find our price structure.
Check also out Where Your Money Goes.

Length of stay Price per night Example
1-3 night(s) 17 EUR
18,50 USD
For 3 nights:
51 EUR /55 USD
4-13 nights 15 EUR
16,25 USD
For 1 week:
105 EUR / 114 USD
14-27 nights 13 EUR
14 USD
For 2 weeks:
182 EUR / 196 USD
4 weeks and more 12 EUR
13 USD
For 1 month:
350 EUR / 380 USD
For 2 months:
690 EUR / 750 USD
For 3 months:
1.000 EUR / 1.090 USD

The full price need to be paid by cash at the end of your stay.
You can pay in EUR, USD or Nepalese Rupees – whatever is more convenient for you.

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