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Responsible volunteering starts with you being aware of your own responsibility. We provide you the platform, but your actions and thoughts count! Browsing through our website is a really good start. You are already showing the right intention. That is surely the first step to avoid commercial volunteering organisations.

The second step is to learn and to use your understanding of the downsides of commercial agencies. Commercial Voluntourism has become a massive problem. Untrained and unexperienced volunteers are often sent into projects that do not necessarily need their support. Commercial volunteering organisations only focus on keeping their volunteers satisfied by selling them the feeling of being needed. They cause more harm than good.

The Dangers Of Voluntourism are well-known. We are here for two reasons: to create awareness and to offer you an alternative to all those commercial agencies. Put your trust in us and you will learn that together we can make a real difference.

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Responsible Volunteering starts with your awareness

Responsible Volunteering does not only include providing sustainable projects that do need help. Moreover, it is an interaction between the people in our local communities and you as an international guest. In contrast to international volunteering companies who only focus on fulfilling the needs and satisfaction of their customers, our focus lies on the well-being of our project partners. You as one of our volunteers assist us to reach our goals.

Responsible Volunteering starts with your responsibility.
Your awareness and responsibility are the key!

Our volunteers do not need to be professionals! Nevertheless, we would like you to have some experiences or training in the field that you wish to volunteer in. For instance, if you would like to volunteer as a teacher in a school, we need you to have teaching experience. There is no way that you might teach a class in your home country without having the necessary training. Why should it be possible in Nepal?

Our volunteers need to understand that they are guests at the institutions that they are volunteering in. You will be part of a team of local professionals. It is necessary that you are not undermining local staff. Even if you believe that in your home country everything would have been done differently, that does not give you the right to push locals around. You have to understand that you are in a different environment and you need to adapt to it.

Responsible Volunteering Programs that make a real difference

We will listen to your ideas!
We will listen to your ideas!

Therefore, we will properly prepare you for your work and your life in a developing country. We will be constantly on your side, even before your volunteering program has started. We will make sure that you have a clear view on the upcoming work that will face you in our projects. You will get to know our Nepalese culture. We would like you to be part of it and learn as much as you can.

Our programs will always have a real impact! We focus on the well-being of people in need. We want to make a difference and we want you to be part of it. As you will work in the projects and learning about the circumstances, we are keen to Listen To Your Ideas.

Responsible Volunteering can only be succesful if everyone works together.
Join Our Volunteer Projects and make a real difference!

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