Our Philosophy – Five Basic Principles

Our philosophy is based on five principles.

We at Project Volunteer Nepal (PVN) have the ambition to make a real difference. Our philosophy aims to fulfil Our Vision.
We believe in a world where people from different nations work together for others in need.

We oppose all commercial volunteering organisations who make loads of profit by advertising their business through the poverty of others. Thus, they are misusing the poverty of people to get more and more volunteers joining their volunteering organisation. The huge amount of money that volunteers pay, will not reach the people in need. Their voluntary work will not have a sustainable impact. Because if it did improve the projects, those commercial organisations, whose profit depends on volunteers, would not be able to send more volunteers to that improved project in future.

Therefore, those commercial volunteering organisation are staging projects to make volunteers feel needed over there. These project can easily run without volunteers. But those organisations will pretend that your voluntary work will be effective.

Our philosophy is making a difference

In comparison to commercial volunteering organisations, we want to make a difference! We want to put our volunteers into projects where they are indeed needed and where their voluntary work will make a difference.
Therefore, our philosophy is based on five principles:

Check out each of our five principle to learn more about our philosophy.
Or learn more About Us and find out Who We Do Not Want To Be.

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