Our team and staff members at PVN

Our team will always be there for you whenever you need help.

There is a dedicated team of staff around Project Volunteer Nepal that aims to be a counterpart to all commercial volunteering organisations by offering free and responsible volunteering opportunities. We always follow Our Vision and Our Philosophy of Five Basic Principles. Our staff members will always make sure that you will feel home at the place we offer. We are always there for you, when you need us.

Our staff is friendly, likeable, very helpful and very caring about your state and well-being. We are a hardworking team aiming to make you feel as comfortable as possible at our place. Check our Our Accommodation for more detailed information.

Get to know our staff at the hostel

Rajeev – Executive Chairman

Namaste friends! I’m Rajeev 🙂

Namaste friends! I am Rajeev from very beautiful Kathmandu – Don’t you listen to Vishal. I am one of the founding members of Project Volunteer Nepal and currently the chairman of this non-profit social organisation based in Kathmandu, providing Responsible Volunteerism.

After my graduation in sociology and 7 years of experience in social work in various NGOs since 2011, the timing was perfect to establish our own non-profit organisation. We have joined hands with Hamromaya Nepal, a German charitable organisation to work for Various Social Causes.

We have established PVN not only to provide responsible volunteering programs. But also to provide an accommodation facility for volunteers and visitors as well. I along with my partner Vishal, run this accommodation offering you A Place To Feel Home.

I am a French-speaking tour-guide by profession, a classical music enthusiast and an amateur violinist. If you are interested in a tour around Kathmandu valley, I am more than happy to show you around – even in English 😉

Hope to see you soon in Nepal and perhaps we will get to work in one of our projects together in future. 🙂

Vishal – Treasurer and Active Founding Member

Namaste everyone! I’m Vishal 🙂

Namaste everyone! My name is Vishal Gurung. Originally from beautiful paradise Pokhara and now living in Kathmandu since a couple of years – still adjusting… I am the treasurer of Project Volunteer Nepal and one of the active founding members.

With my graduation in business studies (Major in accounts) and my keen interest in social service, I am glad to be a part of PVN. Project coordination and Financial Transparency are my main priorities.

As a trained classical musician (flautist) and also a music instructor, I take great pleasure in music, social work and travelling. Cooperating with the German charity hamromaya Nepal gives us great opportunity to combine Social Work with visiting remote areas of Nepal.

Living at the accommodation as well, I will be also in charge of cooking.
I am happy to put my great interest in cooking into work, acquainting you with the genuine Nepalese cuisine and food culture. Nobody of our volunteers and guests have left Nepal without gaining a little weight. I take that as a compliment 😉

I am looking forward to meet you soon. Dinner is already waiting for you! 🙂

Khai – Independent Advisor

Hi there! I’m Khai 🙂

Hi everyone! My name is Khai and – surprise – I am from Germany. I am supporting Project Volunteer Nepal as an independent advisor. I am also responsible for its internet presence and social media work.

Since September 2011 Nepal has become my second home. I am the founder and executive chairman of the German charitable organisation hamromaya Nepal, running social projects that benefit needy children. Besides I have also created the website mein-Nepal.de dedicated to inform travellers about Nepal.

I hold a Master’s Degree in Geographies of Globalisation. My thesis on Voluntourism in Nepal gave me important Expertise In The Field Of Volunteering, which I am contributing to establish Responsible Volunteering Projects and to Fight Against Commercial Voluntourism.

I have also acquired basic Nepali as much as a five-year old child has acquired the concept of relativity.
But I am fluent in sarcasm though. I am curious like a monkey, exploring Nepal every time a little more.

I am once or twice a year in Nepal, of course living at the hostel of PVN.
So maybe I will meet you in Nepal and get to know you there. I am looking forward to that! 🙂

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