Our aid projects

Our Aid Projects have a real impact!

What’s so special about Project Volunteer Nepal is not only that we are registered in the Social Welfare Council of Nepal. But that we have the dedication to fulfil the responsibilities that comes along with it. Many other volunteering companies carry a “fake” status of being part of the Social Welfare Council. Thus, saving taxes and gaining your trust but however do not conduct any aid projects to benefit Nepalese society.

We are different! In order to maintain our status as a non-profit organisation, we invest parts of your money into social projects. We organise and conduct large- and small-scale projects that benefit underprivileged people in Nepal. Our aid projects focus on those in misery and on those who need help the most. Hence, we are cooperating with the German NGO hamromaya Nepal e.V., an organisation that helps children in need.

Whether you are a volunteer or a traveller staying with us, we encourage all of our guests to visit and join our projects. If you want you can even participate and take part. You do not have to pay for anything. Just join us and gain a completely new experience.

Our large-scale aid projects

Our large-scale projects are financed by hamromaya Nepal. Nevertheless, we do not receive any salary for conducting our conjoint projects. The German NGO provides financial support to cover all costs that is needed to implement the projects. We, however, carry small organisational costs like telephone bills or print-outs that we are covering with the money that we receive from you.

The disabled school is a place full of warmth and heartiness.
The disabled school is a beautiful place full of warmth and heartiness.

Nirmal Bal Bikas, the disabled school for mentally challenged children and adults, is the major project of hamromaya Nepal. The German NGO has been supporting the disabled school since 2013 focusing on large-scale construction works to improve overall infrastructure. In the past they have helped renovating all facilities and the school compound. Hamromaya Nepal has also financed the construction of lavatories, showers, waterfilter systems, solar heaters, a Medical Room and much more.

Since 2016 we have helped hamromaya Nepal to conduct all of their projects by organising everything starting from the planning of the projects to the employing and supervision of the construction workers.

Meanwhile we are focusing on the health and well-being of the students. We are organising regular Medical Camps and we are sending international volunteers to the disabled school who should support the staff by caring and playing with the children. Check out Volunteer At Our Disabled School.

"One Schoolbag for each Child" aims to support children in rural areas of Nepal.
“One Schoolbag for each Child” aims to support children in rural areas of Nepal.

“One Schoolbag for each Child” is another recent major project of hamromaya Nepal. The project has been established in March 2016 and aims to support the daily school life of children in remote regions of Nepal. Children in the rural and mountainous areas have to overcome long ways to school that they have to go by foot. In many cases those children do not have proper schoolbags, thus carrying their books in plastic bags or under their arms.

Hamromaya Nepal tackles this problem by providing schoolbags filled with stationeries. As project partner of the German NGO we help to organise the implementation of “One Schoolbag for each Child”.

If we conduct a schoolbag project while you are staying with us, you are most welcome to join our project. If you believe that “One Schoolbag for each Child” is a great project, please consider to support hamromaya Nepal with a small donation. Thank you!

We build a school in the remote village Ikudol.
We build a school in the remote village Ikudol.

We are building a school in a remote village! An approximately five hours of car ride away from Kathmandu lies the very remote village of Ikudol. The earthquakes in April and May 2015 had destroyed many buildings at Ikudol, including the primary school.

After a very long planning phase the construction of a completely new school has started in April 2016. Hamromaya Nepal is financing the reconstruction. Due to the remoteness of the village and its mountainous location, relief as well as construction materials are very difficult to reach. The infrastructure of this area is very basic. Weather conditions, especially during monsoon, complicate the building measures.

Nevertheless, it is a wonderful project that we wish to fulfil. The car ride to Ikudol is adventurous and the village is beautiful. We encourage our guests to join us whenever we are going!

Our small-scale aid projects

Small-scale projects are usually projects that aim to support the institutions where we send volunteers to. Usually we are planning those smaller projects together with our volunteers who are working there. Therefore, it is very important to us that you give us input what you think we could do at your placement. One important factor of providing Responsible Volunteering Projects is Listening To Your Ideas.

We do not want you to be just a random person working at your placement. We want you to become part of it and to identify yourself with your placement. It is important to us that you know that you have a saying! We together can Make A Difference.

Nevertheless, you should understand that our budget for conducting projects might not be sufficient to cover all costs. Hamromaya Nepal will try to help us financing the projects though. If you have a great project that you want to implement, it would be great if you consider to collect donations through your family and friends. We will help you to organise it and to be successful.

Check out Our Volunteer Projects if you wish to help people in Nepal.
If you have any questions our projects or to hamromaya Nepal, please Send Us A Message.