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Project Volunteer Nepal - Responsible Volunteering in NepalWelcome to Project Volunteer Nepal –
Your partner for responsible volunteering programs and your place to feel home in Nepal!

Whether you are a volunteer looking for sustainable volunteering programs that make a real difference to Nepalese communities in need; whether you are a traveller seeking to avoid accommodation at the artificial tourist areas of Kathmandu; or whether you are intending to explore the real Nepal with all its traditions, customs, food and culture, we are the right organisation for you!

We at Project Volunteer Nepal provide:

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We are the alternative to commercial volunteering organisations

We see ourselves as counterpart to all commercial volunteering organisations! The growth of Commercial Voluntourism is a huge problem in developing countries. Thousands of unqualified, unskilled and unprepared Westerners combine their vacation with voluntary work. They do more harm to local communities than good. The Danger Of Voluntourism is well documented. Commercial volunteering organisations do only care about their profit! Thus, offering volunteering programs for unbelievably high prices, accepting anyone who signs in.

Our volunteering projects make a difference!
Our volunteering projects make a difference!

We, however, are different!
Project Volunteer Nepal is a local, non-profit organisation registered in the Social Welfare Council of Nepal.

Our philosophy contains Five Basic Principles following Our Vision of a world in which people from different nations and different backgrounds work together for others in need.

Our Volunteer Projects aim to Make A Real Difference.
You as a volunteer will always be seen as part of the placement where you are working at. We will prepare you for the work in a developing country and we will Listen To Your Ideas. Whether you are teaching in a school; working at a disabled school; doing physiotherapy; giving teacher training or performing medical treatment, your voluntary work will have an impact!

As a local Nepalese non-profit organisation we are obliged to invest into social projects. In contrast to many commercial volunteering organisations, your money will not be directed to a foreign headquarter, enriching a handful of people from industrial countries. Our volunteering projects are for free! You only have to pay for food and accommodation.
Compare the prices and you will see that most of the current volunteering organisations are unethical and immoral.

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We are looking forward to hearing from you!