Sustainability as key factor for succesful projects

Sustainability builds long-term relationships.
Sustainability builds long-term relationships.

We believe that volunteering can be succesful. We only need to be different to those commercial volunteering organisations. Therefore, we have developed a philosophy which is based on five basic principles. Providing Responsible Volunteering Projects does not only mean to create social awareness and an ambition of responsibility. It even goes beyond having projects where We Can Make A Difference. Because at the end nothing would matter if we did not stand for continuous support. Hence, sustainability is the key to successful projects.

It is our key intention to develop long-term projects where we provide continuous support. Trust and the certainty of a mutual indestructible bond is the groundwork for a common future. We are looking for a long-term relationship with our project partners because we care about them! We want to go beyond short-term solutions by standing by our friends whenever they need us.

PVN is different because we care about sustainability

Many commercial volunteering companies do not even think of offering sustainable support to their project partners. The only continuous factor that they provide are the many volunteers who they send into those projects. Over there, international volunteers come and go. Everyone just cares about their own agenda. Many volunteers who have chosen a commercial volunteering organisation only want to experience travel adventures with the addition of social work to boost their CV. They just work their time off and return home to their country without having a long-term effect.

Our volunteers tend to come back to Nepal!
Our volunteers tend to come back to Nepal!

We want our volunteers to be different! Our volunteers are asked to be deeper involved in their projects. Their duty is not only the volunteering work that they had signed in to, but also giving us input on how the facility can be improved. Our volunteers can develop their own projects to Make A Difference because We Listen To Your Ideas!

Being one of our volunteers, you are not a short-term solution. We count on sustainability and therefore, we will help you to realise your ideas. Volunteering with us means that you are now part of a team that seeks to improve others’ lives. This responsibility will grow your personality.

Our volunteers are more likely to visit Nepal again because of their strong affiliation with the project they worked in. It is not just because they liked the work, but mainly because they care for the people.
Our volunteers are different because we are different!

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