Our Hostel – Living as a Family

Our hostel is famous for its great community feeling.
Our place has created some friendships for life!
Our place has created some friendships for life!

We see our guests not just as short-time visitors but as family members. Although our accommodation is defined on paper as a hostel, we are rather regarding it as a beautiful home. A place where people from different parts of the world, different backgrounds, different age and with different motivations live together, sharing the same interest: Nepal.

As long as you share our philosophy and respect the rules of the hostel, you are most welcome to stay with us.

We live together in this house, using the same facilities and eating the same food. We will have breakfast and dinner together. Thus, there is plenty of time to get to know each other, to answer your questions or to help you plan your travels through Nepal. The interaction between you and us as well as between you and the other guests is very important to us. We have a strong solidarity and community feeling at our place. Everyone who had stayed with us in the past loved the togetherness of our hostel.

By staying with us, you will become part of our hostel family

You will feel home with us very quickly.
You will feel home with us very quickly.

Our guests have always got along pretty well. As soon as you enter the hostel for the first time, you will feel a true heartiness. Especially during your first days in Nepal, our staff will take care of you a little more. But usually this is not necessary because our other guests will help you to adjust as well. Usually the more experienced travellers help the less experienced ones, whenever they need help. In an unfamiliar environment people are more willing to stick together.

You will learn quickly that our hostel is like a small family where people are there for each other. Certainly there will be days where you might feel sick, sad, lost, melancholic, unmotivated, stressed out, angry, helpless or even full of despair, and that is why we want to make sure that you have a group of great people around you to comfort you and to help you whenever you need them. Your family in Nepal.

You are not a guest. You are part of our family!
You’re not a guest. You’re part of our family!

Quickly you will become part of our hostel family, cherishing the great solidarity and community feeling of our place. We would like you to understand that our place is not a hotel where everything is made for you. We want our accommodation to be a place that you can call home.
Your home!

Therefore, being part of the hostel family brings some responsibilities too.
Check out What We Expect From Our Guests to make sure that everyone at the hostel will feel home.

And as soon as you have adjusted to the new environment, you will be one of the more experienced travellers willing to help our new guests when they arrive. The circle of our hostel life 🙂

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