hamromaya Nepal e.V. – Our Project Partner

Our partner hamromaya Nepal from Germany.

Our organisation, Project Volunteer Nepal, cooperates with hamromaya Nepal e.V. in order to run social projects aiming to lift the living standards, the education and the health of the poorest in our Nepalese society.

Hamromaya Nepal is a small German charitable organisation founded in October 2012. Its goal and mission is to support underprivileged and needy children in Nepal. We are helping hamromaya Nepal to achieve its goals by being the executive organisation in charge of their projects in Nepal.

Volunteering in child facilities of hamromaya Nepal

hamromaya Nepal - disabled school

The organisation oversees several schools and orphanages in Kathmandu including the disabled school in which our volunteers can work. The disabled school is the major project of hamromaya Nepal and has been supported by them since spring 2013. So far, hamromaya Nepal was able to improve the whole compound of the school, its buildings and its infrastructure. Meanwhile, after years of construction work, the focus has finally shifted to the physical and mental health of the children.

Therefore, we are always in need of dedicated volunteers to achieve this goal.
Check out Volunteering At Out Disabled School for more detailed information.

Join the project work while you are in Nepal

The organisation also operates in more remote areas of Nepal. Over there, they are conducting Medical Camps, helping earthquake victims or building schools and other facilities.

One schoolbag for each child

Another large ambitious project of hamromaya Nepal is “One Schoolbag for Each Child”.
In order to improve the learning conditions as well as the safety on the way to school, hamromaya Nepal is distributing schoolbags and loads of stationeries to children in the remote regions of the country. Many children in those parts of Nepal do not have proper bags to carry their books, pens and other school materials. They have to walk hours to get to school, while carrying their stuff in plastic bags or carrying it under their arms.

Anyone who is staying with us, either volunteer or traveller, is heartily welcome to join the project work. We appreciate every helping hand that we get.

Just let us know if you want to join and help. You do not have to pay anything. If you want you can donate, but there is no obligation. We and hamromaya Nepal want you to get involved, no matter for what reason you have visited to Nepal. By joining our projects you will learn more about development aid. We deliver an exciting insight into project work in developing countries. You will also get to know a part of Nepal that you would have never seen if you had been only traveling around.

The link between hamromaya Nepal and us

Khai from hamromaya Nepal works for us as an independent advisor.
Khai from hamromaya Nepal e.V.

Khai, founder and executive chairman of hamromaya Nepal, is also a part of our team. He works as an independent advisor for our organisation, contributing his expertise in the field of Voluntourism to us.

Check out Our Team for more detailed information.

Khai and all the other members of his organisation work on a voluntary basis! They are not getting any salary for their work at hamromaya Nepal! They all do it for altruistic motives. Khai and the other members visit Nepal regularly and they are always staying with us. They are looking forward to get to know you and to show you their project work.

Check out Our Volunteering Projects or Our Aid Projects if you want to get involved. For further question Send Us A Message or visit Our FAQs.

All German-speaking people can find more detailed information about hamromaya Nepal on their Website.
For more information in English, please check out their Facebook-Page.