Free Volunteering Programs at PVN

Volunteering is free

First and foremost: At Project Volunteer Nepal, VOLUNTEERING IS ALWAYS FREE!
You will never have to pay us any administration costs for organising you a volunteer project.
You only have to pay for your accommodation which also includes breakfast and dinner.

Free volunteering programs – No extra costs for volunteering!

Whether you stay with us as a traveller or whether you join one of our great volunteering programs, we will only charge you for food and accommodation that we offer. The prices will only vary in accordance to the length of your stay.
Check out The Prices For Staying With Us.

There is no need for you to pay for any other service that is involved in your volunteering program. We will organise your volunteering program for free. We will not charge you for being there for you whenever you need us. You even do not have to pay us for providing you courses in Cultural Understanding and Orientation. We will take care of you and we will treat you as part of a team that wants to Make A Difference!

Our prices are lower than commercial volunteering agencies!

Although volunteering with our organisation is far cheaper than joining a volunteer program of a commercial agency, your money will benefit local Nepalese communities even more!

First of all, your money stays in Nepal! We are not a subcompany of a foreign parent company and thereby not under control of a foreign entity! Just compare our organisation with all commercial volunteering agencies. You will learn quickly that commercial agencies have their headquarters in the Western world, thus not leaving money in developing countries.

Second, you only pay for food and accommodation! Almost two-thirds of the price that you pay covers our costs for providing you delicious meals and for paying the rent to the houseowners. Approximately one-quarter of the price that you pay covers the salary of the amazing staff that is taking care of you. And still 12% of the price that you pay will even be put into a Social Project Fund! Check out Where Your Money Goes to learn more about the distribution of our revenues.

Third, last but not least, we would like you to compare the prices between our non-profit organisation and commercial volunteering agencies! They usually have very high prices because they make you pay for their “service”. What service do they offer more than us?!

  • They organise you a volunteer project? – So do we!
  • They provide you food and accommodation? – So do we!
  • They help you out and communicate with you? – So do we!
  • They are there for you whenever you need them? – So are we!

Do you get the point? 😉
We offer a similar service, but there are different prices.
If you do not want to make a gift to Western Managers, you might consider to avoid commercial agencies. You can provide so much more help to people in Nepal by saving the money that you would have paid to those commercial volunteering agencies, and donating it. There is no reason at all to pay such high prices to agencies in order to work for free!

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