Making a Difference – Your work will have an impact

We are making a difference!
In general, schools in Kathmandu do not need volunteers.
Untrained volunteers disturb classes in schools.

One of the major problems of commercial volunteering programs is that they do not have an impact. Most of the projects where volunteers work, do not necessarily need their support. These local projects are kind of artificial. They actually do have enough trained staff. Thus, they actually do not need volunteers to survive. Nevertheless, commercial companies place volunteers into those projects, only for their own financial interest! Making a difference is not their objective at all!

Commercial agencies accept anyone who signs in. The more volunteers they get, the more money they make. They do not care about whether their volunteers are needed or not. Nor do they care about what their volunteers actually do in the projects. It is not about effective support, it is only about giving the volunteer the feeling that he or she is needed.

If you are currently a volunteer in Nepal, look at your school. Look at the institution that you are working in. Are there enough staff members? Do you think that the institution that you are working in can survive without you? Do you think that the money that you have paid for the volunteering agency could have been used more wisely by donating it to your institution? Ask yourself, why does the institution need your support? Is it because it is absolutely necessary? Or is it because that your institution seeks to cooperate with a foreign volunteering agency to earn a little money?

Responsible Volunteering includes Making A Difference!

We see ourselves as lonely fighter against Commercial Voluntourism. We believe that volunteering can benefit both the volunteer and the local communities. Therefore, we aim to provide only Responsible Volunteering Projects.

We are making a difference!
We are making a difference!

We make a difference because we care! Our volunteer projects focus on those people in our society who really need help. Your support is crucial and your volunteering work will have an impact. You will volunteer in places where there are not sufficient staff members. You will help the staff taking care of the children, adults or patients – depending where you are volunteering at.

Another major aspect of making a difference lies in your own commitment. We want you to get involved not only by fulfilling your tasks, but also by bringing in your own ideas! You are part of a team now and we would like to hear your input. We will Listen To Your Ideas and if it is a practical one, we are more than happy to help you funding your own project.
Do you have the strength, the endurance and the dedication to establish something big and sustainable?

Together with our partner from Germany, hamromaya Nepal e.V., we are already conducting many small- and large-scale projects within and outside Kathmandu Valley. Our cooperation focus on making a difference and changing the lives of the many underprivileged people in Nepal. Of course, you can join our cause. We are happy to have you on board!

Responsible Volunteering can only be succesful if we all work together.
Join Our Volunteer Projects and you are making a difference! Your volunteering work will have an impact!

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