Responsible Volunteer Projects

Responsible Volunteering Projects

The purpose of our non-profit organisation is to provide responsible volunteer projects. We want to be the responsible alternative to all unethical commercial volunteering agencies around the world. We believe that we all hold an important responsibility. Hence, we are providing you the platform to make a real impact. But it will be your thoughts and actions that count!

Our Volunteer Projects need the support

In general, schools in Kathmandu do not need a volunteer.
Schools in Kathmandu don’t need volunteers.

Providing responsible projects means to us that we only send our volunteers to places that need their support. In contrast to many commercial volunteering agencies, we are not staging any projects to trick you in believing that your support is needed.

For example, many commercial agencies send their volunteers to schools in Kathmandu where there are already enough local teachers. Though their volunteers do not have the qualification to give lessons, they are, however, replacing local teachers and thus disturbing classes.

To avoid these problems, we only provide volunteering projects where your voluntary work will have an impact. Our objective is not to send as much volunteers as possible into our projects, but to send the right volunteers into the right projects!

Volunteering at our Disabled School in Kathmandu

Volunteering at our disabled school in Kathmandu.
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Soon available:

Volunteering as a Physiotherapist

Conducting Medical or Dental Camps

Giving Teacher Training

Responsible Volunteering Projects need Responsible Volunteers

Making an impact is only possible if you know what you do. If you understand the Downsides Of Commercial Voluntourism caused by inexperienced and untrained volunteers, you are on a good way.
How can it be that a teenager without any experience as a teacher is allowed to teach in a school?
Why is it possible that volunteers can work with children without having gone through a background check?
How can it be that unskilled volunteers are needed to rebuild the earthquake-damages?
Why do young volunteers with no particular qualification think that they can help people in a developing country?

We need our volunteers to have the experience and knowledge in the field that they want to volunteer in.
If you want to volunteer as a teacher, you need to have teaching experiences.
If you want to volunteer as a physiotherapist, you need to know about physiotherapy.
It is just as simple as that. We need you to know what you are doing.
Check out What We Expect From You as a volunteer.

There is no need to have a final degree of your profession though. You do not need to prove your professional experience neither. We trust you, your word and your responsibilities. You can only help others if your voluntary work have an additional value to the project that you are working in. We will help you to have this additional value by preparing you and by sending you into projects where your work can Make A Difference.

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