Volunteering at a Disabled School

Volunteering at our disabled school in Kathmandu.

One of our major volunteering opportunities is at Nirmal Bal Bikas, a disabled school for mentally challenged children and adults. This governmental institution in Kathmandu is both, a school and a place where some of the children live. Unlike private institutions, governmental ones have a fixed budget to spend for staff and facility. Therefore, Nirmal Bal Bikas is struggling to maintain their standards that they used to provide in past.

We need you at the disabled school

Since staff members are limited at the disabled school, we need your support over there. Your main task will be to care for the children and to play with them. You do not necessarily need to give lessons. There are already enough teachers at the school. To us it is more important when you take the children out of class and be in physical interaction with them. Run around, play football or dance with them.

A huge compound offers lots of space to play.
A huge compound offers lots of space to play.

We do not consider Nirmal Bal Bikas as a “traditional school”. We rather see it as place for the handicapped where they can have a good romp. Usually, if they are at home, they do not have the freedom to interact in physical activities. The disabled school where you are going to volunteer offers the perfect environment for those children and adults. There is a lot of space in a safe environment not even close to the street.

The children love to be outside the classrooms, playing or just sitting in the sun. We would like you as a volunteer to join them, to interact with them and to be there for them.

Your volunteer work is important because the school does not have enough staff members to care for the children. The school cannot hire more staff because the governmental budget is fixed.

Experience is desirable but not necessary

A lovely team will help you to adjust.
A lovely team will help you to adjust.

We understand when you feel doubtful if you have never worked with mentally challenged people before. Experience in this field will definitely help you as a volunteer, but it is not a criterium for exclusion.

We will prepare you as good as possible. We believe that as long as we are honest to each other, you will know what to expect. There is also a lovely team around the disabled school that will help you to adjust.

Your main objective is to care for the children and to play and do sports with them. We do not want you to have reserve or feel shy. It is important that you are looking for the interaction. We want you to become part of the team and fulfill the tasks that the regular staff is not able to do.

You can also help us to improve the school facilities and to decorate the school and classrooms if you want to. We will help you with getting the needed materials.

The disabled school Nirmal Bal Bikas

This governmental institution is located in Kathmandu, Bhimsengola, near Old Baneshwor. You can reach there easily from our place. From our hostel you need to walk to the big junction Chabahil Chowk, which will take approximately 10 minutes. There you can take a Tiempu (TukTuk, very small bus) to Purano Baneshwor (Old Baneshwor). From there you need to walk 10 more minutes to reach the school. Our staff will take you there and bring you back during your first days.

Nirmal Bal Bikas was one of the first centres for mentally challenged people in Nepal. It was established in the late eighties. But due to a low-budget, the school was not able to maintain the good standard that they had in the beginning. The whole facility had changed for the worse.

Luckily, our project partner hamromaya Nepal e.V. has been introduced to the school in 2012 and has been supporting it since then. A lot of construction work has been done so far. Hamromaya Nepal e.V. had built new toilets and showers, installed a water filter system and solar panels, constructed a playing ground and renovated all rooms of this facility. The disabled school has improved a lot!

Hamromaya Nepal is still providing support for the disabled school. Together with our project partner we want to bring the disabled school back to its former glory. There is still a lot to do. But we are on a good way. Meanwhile, we are focussing on the well-being of the children.

You can become part of our work. We need your support!

If you are interested to volunteer at the disabled school, please Send Us A Message.
Sending us a message is not binding at all.
You can pose any open questions and learn more about the work that we expect from you.
We will work everything out from there 🙂