Listening to your ideas to make a difference

Listening to your ideas to make a real difference.

The biggest challenge in providing responsible volunteering projects is Making A Difference. Listening to your ideas and giving you the opportunity to develop your own projects is our key concept to having an impact. It can only happen through the interaction between our volunteers, our project partners and us. We all need the will, the endurance and the dedication for change! And first and foremost we need to start caring for each other again.

Having an impact by truly getting involved

Having an impact by truly getting involved.
Having an impact by truly getting involved.

We are different to commercial volunteering organisations because we care about the people and we care about making a difference for them. In many cases, on the contrary, commercial volunteering organisations stage an artificial project for volunteers to work in. Their main focus lies in the satisfaction of their volunteers. Hence, doing everything to give their volunteers the feeling of being needed or having done something precious.

Your voluntary work can only have an impact if you truly connect to your project. You only make a difference if you identify yourself through the work you do. You have to see yourself not just as a short-term volunteer, but as part of the team. Because to us, you definitely are!

We want you to understand that you can do even more than just volunteering at your placement. You can be part of the change that we are trying to bring to those people. You can help us making a real difference!

Listening to your input to start new projects

Listening to your input to start new projects
Listening to your input to start new projects.

To have a real impact, we need you and your work. Since you are spending most of your time at your volunteer project, you will have an insight which we do not have. You will be directly in the field, experiencing the whole environment. You will interact with the staff and children in a way that we will not.

Therefore, we consider you as an expert of the institution that you are volunteering in. We are happy for your input on how you think your volunteer placement could be improved. We will be listening to your ideas on new projects that you wish to do at your placement.

If we will always consider your project ideas and if it is realisable, we will try to finance your project with the help of our partner organisation Hamromaya Nepal.

Responsible Volunteering can only be succesful if we all work together.
Join Our Volunteer Projects and you are making a difference! Your volunteering work will have an impact!

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