We are a counterpart of Commercial Voluntourism!

We are the alternative to Commercial Voluntourism.

We are more than just a regular volunteering organisation. We are a Nepalese non-profit organisation who sees itself as a counterpart of the massively growing sector of Commercial Voluntourism. Our goal ist to fight the downsides of commercial voluntourism by creating awareness and by offering responsible volunteer projects that really benefit local communities.

We believe that volunteering is a wonderful opportunity to connect people and to strengthen humanity for the betterment of society. Especially in today’s world where individualism, superficiality and ignorance shapes societies, caring for others is more important than ever.

But unfortunately, many commercial volunteering organisations exploits the poverty of people in developing countries and the good will of young Westerners. They are selling the experience of volunteering work as part of your travel experience, advertising it with the misery of the poorest. Volunteering with those organisations is  possible for anyone without any restrictions or background checks and regardless their knowledge and skills. Commercial Voluntourism focuses on customer satisfaction instead of focusing on those we really need help. In some cases even staging a needy project so that their volunteers feel needed.

A needed counterpart that makes a difference!

Our projects are successful because we care!
Our projects are successful because we care!

We want to dissociate ourselves from those commercial volunteering organisations. We want to be a counterpart of Commercial Voluntourism!

Because there are truly dedicated volunteers out there seeking opportunities to really help others. For those volunteers who want to make a difference, it is not easy to find a transparent, social responsible and fair organisation. We want to be this organisation for you!

We want to be the counterpart of commercial volunteering organisations because we need to be it!
Our Philosophy and Our Vision focus on Responsible Volunteering Programs that benefit all involved parties.

We want to be different because we want to make a difference!

No skills needed - Commercial Volunteering Agencies take anyone as a volunteer...
No skills needed – Commercial Volunteering Agencies take anyone as a volunteer…

Commercial volunteering organisations are huge travel agencies who sell you volunteering experiences in an expensive travel package. Anyone can join as long as he or she can pay for it. They claim that no experience nor expertise is needed.

But how can someone without any skills be a good help for the locals? Volunteers who pay a fortune in order to get voluntary work do not support the locals at all! They only support the commercial volunteering organisations!

There is a huge amount of literature, scientific studies and journalistic articles criticising the concept of Commercial Voluntourism.
We would like to encourage you to browse through some of the work that we have been putting into our List Of Literature.

Check out The Danger Of Voluntourism for more detailed information.

We are the counterpart that you are looking for!

Our projects count!
We make a difference – Our projects count!

Instead of following the rules of the volunteering market, we offer you Free Volunteering Programs! You have to pay only for food and accommodation during your stay at Our Home. We prepare you before you start working at your volunteering project. We offer Free Cultural Understanding Courses and Orientation Courses.

Your dedication to help other people is highly appreciated!
We are Open For Your Ideas and we will help you to Make A Real Difference.

We are Transparent! You can always ask us Where Your Money Goes To and which Aid Projects we currently support.

We are cooperating with the German charitable organisation Hamromaya Nepal, conducting and organising their projects to help children in Nepal.

Learn more about Who We Are, What We Offer and What We Expect From You.