Location – In the midst of Kathmandu’s everyday life

You can find a perfect overview of the exact location of our hostel on the map on the left side.
The location, where we stay, is called Majubahal, Chabahil. Check out Our Accommodation for more detailed information.

If needed, our staff will pick you up from the airport and take back to our home. So there is no need for you to bargain with taxi drivers for a fair price. We will also show you around in our neighbourhood and we will assist you with your travel plans during your whole stay in Nepal.
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The neighbourhood and surroundings of our home

Although not being in Thamel, you can still easily explore Kathmandu Valley from our home.
It takes around 10 minutes of walk from our place to Chabahil Chowk, a huge important junction where you can find loads of different busses to different places within the Valley.

You can see the gigantic supermarket from our roof. And if you are lucky you can see the Himalayas as well!
You can see the gigantic supermarket from our roof. And if you are lucky you can see the Himalayas as well!

Our home is less than 5 minutes of walk away from the busy main street. Following the street eastward for about 10 minutes, you will reach Boudhanath Stupa, while following it westward will take you to Chabahil Chowk. The Hyatt Regency Hotel is right in front of you as soon as you have reached the main street.
Directly at the main street there is also a gigantic supermarket, where you can get everything that you desire. The supermarket is a huge chain called Bhat Bhateni. You only need around 7 minutes of walk to get home from there. At the supermarket you can use the ATMs in case you need cash.

You can easily walk to Boudhanath Stupa, the center of Tibetan Buddhism, from our hostel within less than 15 minutes. All you need to do is following the main street. Don’t worry, you cannot miss the biggest stupa of Nepal. Since Boudha Stupa is a main tourist attraction in Kathmandu, there are many nice cafés and restaurants with beautiful rooftops. Enjoying your drink or meal while enjoying the mountains and the tradition around that place is breathtaking!

If you walk around 15 minutes southwestward from our hostel, you will reach the huge area of Pashupatinath Temple, the most important Hindu pilgrimage site of Nepal.
Close to Pashupatinath, there is also the Airport. So if you stay with us, you will never have to fear about missing your flight due to the horrible traffic of Kathmandu. You can even see the airport from our rooftop.

A location amidst Nepalese daily life

Life looks different off Thamel!
Life in Kathmandu looks different off Thamel!

We have decided against establishing our accommodation at the tourist hotspot, Thamel, because we do not consider Thamel as a place where you can learn about Nepalese culture and everyday life.

Thamel does does not represent Nepal. This place is swarmed by very weird people, pseudo hippies, young and loud volunteers as well as trekkers in their “uniforms”. The shop keepers are aggressive, the restaurants almost all Western.

There is even a restaurant that serves mainly beef steaks – in a country where cows are holy and beef is not being eaten in the local cuisine! An absolute absurdity thanks to the tourist without cultural sensitivity! Only the souvenirs that you can buy in Thamel reminds you that you are in Nepal. No tradition, no culture, not Nepal!

Enjoying a cold drink in one of the many local shops.
Enjoying a soda in one of the many local shops.

If you do not want to identify yourself with those people, you might consider to stay with us. Our place is aside the tourist areas and amidst Nepalese daily life. Our neighbourhood is heartily and always interested to get to know you. The small local shops in our area, the children playing in the street after school, the vegetable sellers walking around the narrow streets, the local restaurants, the friendly people – everything you can learn about life in Nepal lies in front of our door. It is there for you to explore. Do you dare?

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