Your Requirements for Project Volunteer Nepal

Respecting our rules facilitates mutual respect.

Depending whether you are staying with us or whether you have chosen to volunteer with us, you need different requirements. But don’t worry too much. Most of them are very simple and just self-evident.

Cultural awareness brings mutual respect.
Cultural awareness brings mutual respect.

Each person is different and we respect that. Since we are living together in a hostel sharing accommodation and food, it is necessary that you respect us too. It is very important to us that you prepare yourself for being in a completely different culture. Of course, we do not expect from you to know all Nepalese customs and traditions. The point is just to be aware of the most important dos and don’ts.
Check out Cultural Understanding to learn more about Nepalese customs.

We would like to ask you to respect the culture and the environment that you are in. These are not strict rules. But they will help you to be a part of Nepalese everyday life. We want you to encounter locals and being on par with them. Bare in mind that you are not living at a tourist hotspot. Behaving accordingly to Nepalese society facilitates mutual respect.
Check out The Exact Location Of Our Accommodation for more details.

Requirements for staying at our hostel

If you are staying with us, there are certain house rules that you need to accept and follow. We are not monitoring you though because we believe in your respect towards us and the few rules we set. Please remember that our hostel is a flat in a three-storeyed building. We are living there among different Nepalese families. Our building is located in an area where there are barely tourists. Therefore, we are asking you to respect following rules:

  • Please respect the other guests and the locals living in the whole building.
  • Please do not smoke inside the rooms (not even out of the window). If you need a cigarette you can step outside or you can go to the rooftop. Make sure that your cigarette stubs will not end up on the floor of the rooftop!
  • Please do not drink excessive amounts of alcohol! You can have a beer on the rooftop. That is no problem at all. But make sure that you have cleaned up the roof afterwards. The rooftop belongs to all residents!
  • Please do not do drugs!
  • Please consult us first before bringing a person from outside to our place.
  • Please do not waste the water in the bathroom. There is no problem in showering each day, but we would like to ask you not to spend too much time in the bathroom.
  • Please lock your door when you leave the house.
  • Please do not show too much skin by wearing short skirts or tops showing cleavage.
  • For your own safety, please be home before it gets completely dark! It gets dark pretty fast. There are not many street lights in our neighbourhood. So it is good to carry a torch or flashlight with you.
  • Please let us know whenever you skip breakfast or dinner.
  • Please let us know whenever you come home late. The gate and the front door of the building will be locked by 9-10pm.

If you would like to stay at our place, please check out Our Accommodation for more details.

Requirements for volunteering with our non-profit organisation

If you have decided to volunteer with us, there are some requirements that you need to fulfil. That is necessary because we would like to make sure that your skills and qualifications will meet the voluntary work. Many commercial volunteering organisation do take anyone who signs in. Therefore, having too many unskilled and unqualified volunteers working for example in schools. We would like to avoid that. We want our project partners to benefit from your commitment and for you to make a difference.

  • You have to speak English.
  • You have to be aware of the socio-economic and cultural situation in Nepal. You can check out Our Free Orientation Course.
  • If you work in schools, it is necessary that you are fluent in English.
  • You need to be trained or at least have some experiences in the field that you would like to volunteer in. For example, if you would like to work in schools, you need to have teaching experiences or the intention to become a teacher.
  • You need to have a plan on how you would like to help the people in your volunteering project.
  • Depending on the volunteering project that you choose, you need to stay at least a certain amount of time in Nepal. For example, if you would like to volunteer in a school, you must volunteer at least for a month.
  • You need to understand The Danger of Voluntourism.

Getting you the right volunteering project is a result of the interaction and mutual exchange of information.
If you would like to volunteer with us, please check our Our Volunteer Projects or Send Us A Message.