Evelyn & David

Evelyn & David (November 2017)
Testimonial - Evelyn & David - November 2017
Testimonial – Evelyn & David

Namaste Vishal and Rajeev!

Our first time in Nepal! And we were warmly welcomed from you. Rajeev picked us up from the airport (-> great!!) and brought us to their nice and cosy home.

In the three days we learned a lot from the two guys. How to take the Tuk-Tuk, what Buddhism means and a lot of Nepali food.

We visited the school for disabled children and we were greatly impressed of your project and the help you provide to the kids.

We also enjoyed the delicious food, especially the soups 🙂

Thank you very much for this wonderful time, which was a great start for our journey across Nepal!

All the best for you!
Evelyn and David

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