Deborah & Victoria

Testimonial - Deborah & Victoria - August 2017
Testimonial – Deborah & Victoria

Dear Vishal, dear Rajeev!

First of all, thank you SO MUCH for waiting at the airport so long! We wouldn’t have experienced KTM as intense as without your help and would have gotten completely lost (which we actually also managed XD).

The peaceful sounds of the flute and the smile of you, can tell more than thousand words. Your calm presence was always very pleasant.

You both taught us a lot about how culture, religion and festivities work here in Nepal.

Thanks for your patience, answering all of our (sometimes stupid) questions and showing interest in our culture and habits in Germany and Austria. Your open minded view is really inspiring!

Thank you for all the laughters and funny moments we shared, while having breakfast, dinner (which was always so delicious by the way) and hours of playing games. Whether it was “The Game” or just Austr(al)ian Taboo, it was always a blast.

Also your commitment to your voluntary work at the school is very impressive, keep on doing it!

Whenever you have the plan to travel to Europe, we would love to welcome you both in our countries and try to be as good hosts as you have been to us! You made us feel home in such a short time.

Most probably, you know more than us about Mozart, Beethoven or “The Sound of Music”, but still we would love to show you some different parts of our countries and culture. Always feel welcome to visit!

And as you say in German: “Man sieht sich immer zweimal im Leben!” (“You always meet twice in life”)… or maybe even more often 🙂

Deborah & Victoria

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