Andi & Ina

Testimonial - Andi & Ina - October/November 2017
Testimonial – Andi & Ina

Dear Rajeev and Vishal!

It was so nice to stay with you. You made us feel very comfortable at your place.

We enjoyed our conversations very much.

We couldn’t have had a better base to explore Nepal!

Thank you for welcoming us so warmly even when we came without notification – sorry – with a big pile of dirty clothes (which we enjoyed washing on the sunny roof-top).

We absolutely loved the food you were cooking, all variations of Dal, including Haluwa.

We would definitely like to stay longer, but maybe there is a next time?!

A next time with less sugar on the Kaiserschmarrn!

Thank you a lot for your hospitality – You are awesome!!

Andi & Ina

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