Milan (August 2017)
Testimonial - Milan - August 2017
Testimonial – Milan

Ahoi Rajeev and Vishal,

I could say so many beautiful things after this month.

You both are so beautiful guys and what you are doing is amazing. You have a big heart and you got a part of my Parivara.

I wish I could spend more time with you, but it isn’t the last time we see. I’m pretty happy to invite you both to my home, so when you have the time you need to come. Then I will try to make as much you did for me.

It is really sad that I need to leave and I have one smiling eye (because of my family at home) and one cying eye because one of my best experiences is ending now.

If you need any help or need somthing for your organisation, then just ask me. Maybe I can help and asking is for free 😀

I don’t want to make it too long and it would be very nice when we will stay in contact in the future.

Are you hungry: This is only one of the much things I will remember my whole life.

I really love you guys and I’m watching happy into the future to meet you again.

Namaste Parivara

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