Britta (March-April 2017)
Testimonial - Britta - March to April 2017
Testimonial – Britta

Dear Rajeev and Vishal,

I don’t know where to start – the past 5 weeks have been wonderful! I am so happy and grateful that I could stay with you while conducting my small research.

I cannot imagine how it would have been without you guys – your hospitality is amazing, you directed me through the city, you took me everywhere and showed me around, you always found answers to all of my questions whether it was about religion, the food, history, music, my research, sightseeing or when to take which bus from which station.

Thank you so much!! Dherai Danyabaad!!

I would have been lost without you! Especially as this is my first time in Nepal, I didn’t expect much and of course I couldn’t imagine your kindness and that I would love my time here so much! But I did!! 🙂

I came to love the food so much (You are the best cooks!). I am gonna miss it like hell!

I had such a lovely time that I really don’t wanna leave!
I will come back for sure!

I also really wanna thank Pabitra and Prabin for being there for me, helping out and being so nice. Mero sathi, mero didi!

All of you made me feel like I’m home!

So I think you are doing a really great job as hosts – keep it on!

I wish you all the best and good luck for the future and for all your bigger and smaller projects to come.

Namaste, Britta

PS: I am so sorry I spilled the rum. Maybe that’s part of my rain-Thamel-curse – who knows! 😉

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