Julia & Lasse

Julia and Lasse (February 2017)
Testimonial - Julia and Lasse - February 2017
Testimonial – Julia and Lasse

Dear Rajeev and Vishal,

thank you very much for having us as your first guests in your little hostel. You are doing a great job, so do Pabitra and Prabin as well! All four very special, lovely people, who really create a home away from home!!

Cook as good as mummy!!! 🙂
Best Dhal Bhat Thali in Nepal!
Best teachers for Nepali!
Best local guides to feel comfy in Kathmandu!

Keep doing your way, it’s a good one. Take good care, not only for your guests, also with your volunteer projects. And for yourself of course!

Best wishes to you. Have a very good new year. Good luck, stay healthy. Enjoy life!

Ferri, ferri bhetaula!

Namaste Julia and Lasse

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