Steffi (June - July 2017)
Testimonial - Steffi - June to July 2017
Testimonial – Steffi

Dear Rajeev & Vishal,

I am so happy that I came across your hostel in the internet!

I enjoyed my stay with you very much – although it wasn’t very long. Your hospitality is fabulous, your food is devine. I had such a great time listening to your flute and violline practices, I enjoyed our talks and I admire your interest and open mind for other life stories and cultures.

Thanks for all your help, the laughs, stories and recipe ideas! I wish you all the best for your organisation and your lives, dreams and future plans. And thanks so much for making this place feel like home for this short period of time.

I hope our paths will cross again and I promise next time I will teach you some yoga 🙂
Also a big Thank You to Pabitra and Prabin for their great help and work here. You are an amazing team!

Lots of love,


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