Angelika & Wolfgang

Angelika & Wolfgang (November 2017)
Testimonial - Angelika & Wolfgang - November 2017
Testimonial – Angelika & Wolfgang

Dear Vishal, dear Rajeev!

We are going to leave Nepal today with a lot of heavy luggage. But the most important things on our journey back to Germany do not have any weight – those are the impressions and memories that we can take with us.

A lot of them we would not have got without your help, ideas and information. A very big THANK YOU for the days we could spend in your hostel.

Thank you also for your patience which we saw the first time when you picked us up from the airport. You always found answers to our questions, no matter if they referred to culture, eating and cooking, things to do and to see in Nepal, or how to move in Kathmandu apart from a taxi.

We could taste so many different and delicious things, no restarurant can offer this. Be sure, we will not be “fed up” with Dhal Bhat!

And we will not forget the amazing classic concert!

For the future we wish you good luck with your projects and that success goes on.

Angelika & Wolfgang

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