Lena (March 2017)
Testimonial - Lena - March 2017
Testimonial – Lena

Dear Rajeev & Vishal,

– I hope it lasts till next time –

You welcomed we warmly and it felt like “I am part of the family”. My stay in Nepal at your “hostel” didn’t feel like as if I am a tourist – it kind of made my stay special.

Also the food was very nice and I am glad I had the chance to enjoy real local food – even though I was eating like a bird 🙂

I really did enjoy the “evening chats” about your culture and the religions, it has broaden my horizon.

I think those are just a few things that make your “hostel” a special one!

Thank you once again for everything!

If there is a next time, I will always be coming back to your hostel.

Best regards,
Lena, the bird

PS: If noone is having a midnight snack, then it will last till next time 😉

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