Max & Simone

Max & Simone (May 2018)
Testimonial - Max & Simone - May 2018
Testimonial – Max & Simone

Dear Vishal & Rajeev!

Thanks a 1,000-times for having us in your lovely home.

Your quiet place and your relaxed ways gave us shelter from the chaotic city of Kathmandu and has been the perfect start and ending point for our Nepal-Trip.

So Julia’s and Lasse’s prophecy – that we would have a great time with you guys – came true. We just had some days with you, but we really enjoyed our stay here.

It was great to hear about your project. It’s very important what you do and we wish you all the best for the future!

So more Nepalese kids can benefit from your work.
(We’ll get in touch with Khai…)

And again, thanks a 1,000-times for having us and also for the delicious food 🙂

Max & Simone

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